Friday, 20 September 2013

Art As Ritual.

Art As Ritual.

This question keeps nagging at me:  'Should I have a routine of 'regular arting'?' 
...or will self created rules of 'I will make myself do one art project a day' create a rebellious 'I don't want to!' attitude? 

I have enough to deal with in my day without creating more 'jobs' to fill up my already full life of dog walking, homework helping, cat sorting, Dexter watching (who knew a serial killer could be so likable!), dinner cooking, husband cuddling, full time job, marathon training (true story), self image appraisal/put down (cross out as appropriate for how I feel on given day), vampire book reading...

Anyway routine is boring!! Why would I want to make my art making process boring??!! ...right?!?


Routine can feel safe and secure in its pretty pattern and rhythm. Does 'Ritual Arting' have its place and its plus points, just as spontaneous 'I'll do it when and how I blooming want to' arting does? 

Recently I have found that Ritual Arting has given me time to practice my craft; making time for me to improve and hone my skills. I practiced 'one face portrait a day' for a month and saw my skill improve considerably to the point where I'm really starting to enjoy drawing faces. I really think if I hadn't practiced one a day for a month I wouldn't have found out I liked it... this makes me want to do a little dance and boogie for Ritual Arting :)

I know from past experience that routine can easily become sludgy like quicksand, sucking me into shackled confinement. But, if I can find the balance between routine and spontaneity, life's rocking in my world.

Sketches from my 'face a day' art ritual.

I want to make what I want, when I want and how I want! I want to also carve out a regular spot in time where I can learn from other artists and hone my skill and my craft. 

I want to enjoy my arting, to continue to feel passionate about creating, but I also want to feel like I am progressing. Balancing Spontaneity with Ritual Arting.

Paint. Sketch. Accept. Explore.
Balance. Balance. Balance. Get Messy. Enjoy. Express. 


Because it's all good :)

Work In Progress: Spontanious Creation.

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