Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Art of Blogging

I'm relatively new to this blogging lark and I've been wondering and pondering on whether my posts need to be in depth/spiritual/life changing/funny/inspiring/mind blowing? Should my blog posts be long? Or short? Structured? Rambling? So. Many. Questions! (If you have any ideas for me on blogging please let me know!) There is something in this for me about 'being seen', sharing my art and connecting with you. Maybe I could just ramble along writing whatever comes into my head (errmmm like you are now Gracie) ... and share some art :) Yayy! Great idea me! Here's some stuff I've been playing with in my sketchbooks.

This is my large A3 size sketchbook, nice to really stretch out and play big in this one:

The hair on this next one was inspired by Tam and also Alice Savage's work. I'd heard people rave on about how meditative doing this sort of 'line work' is and I have to say it really is!

 I'm loving the colour combination of pink, yellows and blue right now.

I'm also enjoying playing around with face shapes and angles, this next one's a work in progress. Not entirely sure what to do next on it...

Ha I've just realised this is a combo of yellow and blue again! ...maybe it needs some pink...

Since my last post I've been lucky enough to hang out with these two lovely ladies, beautiful Mia and pretty Juliet. Love them! :)

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Thank you for listening and letting me share my stuff with you :)

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