Monday, 14 July 2014

Artists Around the World (blog-hop)

I've been asked by the awesome and coffee loving, tradigital artist Minerva Levinston, to join her in a blog hop! Yaaayyyyyy! The blog hop is called 'Artists Around the World', and this week is my turn to answer 4 questions. So, here goes :)

1. Why do you do what you do?

Most of the time I'm 'happiness seeking'; If I enjoy it, I'll do it. Because of this, I tend to drift from one genre to another and from one medium to another, I'm a bit of a happy hippy drifter. I've dipped cut flowers in hot wax and hung them spiraling from an auditorium ceiling, I've used old dolls and paint to create sculptures, I've sung in, played in and promoted bands and band nights. Maybe I'm using art to work out what life's all about and what I like, most probably its just self expression. Currently I'm really influenced by mixed media art (especially Tamara Laporte's work, Tam's a lady I work with at Willowing Arts). I'm loving the mish mash beauty of creating mixed media pieces using collage, paint, ink, wax, stencils. I find joy in using whatever I can get my hands on to create stuff and, by using whatever comes to hand, I'm not too confined in my creation and thinking.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Eeeerrrmmmmmm..... I have no idea lol!'s got me in it :)

3. How does your creative process work?

My process is this: if it works and makes me feel good, I do it more. If I'm stuck or it makes me feel bad then I wallow in the bad feelings for a bit and then ask for some feedback from someone I trust to be gentle on me (or I make and drink tea)... then I make more stuff and see if I like it and the cycle starts again.

4. What are you working on now?

Right now I am loving ATCs and swapping ATCs. ATC stands for 'Artist Trading Card'. They are miniature works of art on small (2.5 x 3.5 inch) cards. Usually made in twos to swap with a partner, using a pre-decided theme. I made these (below) for the June ATC swap run at Willowing Arts ( and the Life Book 2014 ATC swap. Materials used: watercolour crayons, markers, glitter paste, pocket stencils, music sheets for collage, stamps and acrylic paint.

ATCs made for Willowing ATC Swap - Theme was 'meditation'

ATCs made for Life Book 2014 ATC Swap - Theme was 'Daily Rituals'


I've also just put my first video 'Safe Home' up on YouTube, yay! That was super exciting for me! :)

I have also been working on and off on this mixed media girl (below) for a while now. I keep coming back, changing and adding stuff, leaving her for a bit, then coming back again to do some more. She doesn't feel 'finished' yet and I'm not yet sure why that is so I keep experimenting.

Thank you for listening and letting me share my stuff with you, I really appreciate you being here with me, thank you! :)

Next Monday 21st July, these 3 lovely artists will post their answers:

Angela Kennedy, my goodness I LOVE this lady's art so much!:

Fellow ATC swap partner and awesome artist Carmen Sánchez-Buster:

Nina Spolar, architect, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, and maker of one of a kind and super cute handmade objects:

You can also find out about the lovely Minerva Levinston here:

Go and check them out! :) 

Here's the husband and I at the top of Snowdon mountain (in Wales) dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia :) Us and other family members climbed Snowdon together, dressed as Superheroes, for the Princess Alice Hospice charity. It was hard work! You can find out more about that here:

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  1. Gracie, your work is wonderful. How you differ from others, what makes your work you is, that I notice you use a lot of pinks, yellows and blues/purples in your work. They must be your favourite colours? The lifebook 2014 ATC's are so adorable. Love the cat :-)

    1. Hey Angelique, I think you might be on to something there with the colours! Thank you for your lovely comment and thank you for reading! :)

  2. loved reading this Gracie..!! "Happiness seeker" is such a beautiful way of expressing what you do ..!! and its wonderful to know that you (have) experiment so much..its encouraging for me [:: and i'm sure others::] to know that people like you who make amazing art have a journey behind it... :))
    and of course i already knew you sing like an angel and have a generous soul but i still think more people should know that about you because you truly change lives with your gifts..!!

  3. I love loove loooooove your mixed media girl and how she seems unfinished to you :) Your ATC cards are wonderful as well, you did great on the "mediation" ones, I sure struggled with that theme a bit.
    Loved watching how you made your journal spread, it's always so inspiring observing others create :)
    And lastly, thank you for your extremely kind introduction and the invitation to play along. It's a bit scary but exciting at the same time. Must be good if it feels like this, right? ;)


    1. Thanks Nini :) Can't wait to read your blog post! x