Friday, 7 November 2014

Setting Sail

Since my last blog I've moved home. I'm not very good at moving and tend to end up having a mini breakdown, this time has been no different. There's something very unsettling about moving from the cosy space that holds many memories. From the wall that I knock on when I'm bed ridden with a migraine and wanting tea and love from the husband, to the stain on the curtain where me and my best friend spilt wine whist doing our best rendition of Celine Dion one New Years Eve, my old home is a space that holds many good and happy memories and had become my little family's safe haven. I will miss it. The new place is lovely and I am so happy... but it hasn't got any memories yet, and memories are what will make it a real home for me. So I sit now in my new house, like an artist with a blank page waiting for those memories to be created by the wonderful family and friends I am so lucky to have around me and in my life. And the word 'Trust' comes to me again. Trust in the Process Gracie. Trust that all is going in the right direction. All will be ok. Just Trust :)

Settling into our new home

We now live right on top of a cliff and the views are epic

Akita's happy cause there's lots more rabbits to chase on top of cliffs

As it's been a while, I thought I'd let you know about some of the other Arty things I've been up to too. I went on a FAB art retreat with Tam and some other lovely ladies in the Summer. It was in beautiful Oxford (UK) and run by the fabulous artist and teacher Erin Faith Allen called so appropriately: 'Call of the Wild Soul'. We stayed in Magdalen College, which was most definitely haunted, and had the most enchanting deer park on the grounds which made for magical morning walks.

Me and Tamara Laporte :)


Morning walks through the Deer Park

We visited beautiful Godstow nearby. Godstow is where Lewis Carroll and the real Alice took a boat trip that started the amazing Alice in Wonderland story on 1862, and the inspiration for C S Lewis's Narnia. I can understand why.

The ruins of Godstow Abbey

The river where Alice In Wonderland was born

It was awesome and so so inspiring. Being around a group of like minded arty women for a weekend is such an awesome experience and will stay with me forever. 

We made some art too of course :)
Made during Tamara Laporte's lesson on Call of the Wild Soul Oxford


I've also been making and creating in between packing, stressing and moving

I have started one of Tam's courses 'Life Book 2012 The Tam Edition', which I'm loving!

ATCs made recently
... I'm still very much loving ATCs!

Close Your Eyes and Set Sail - ATCs
There Is Always Beauty - ATCs
Give the Earth LOVE - ATCs
Mia and I made beads out of fimo clay with our friend Jess - crafting fun!

I've also discovered Keaton Henson. His music is vulnerably haunting -wonderful. Check him out here: or here:

Wow, I didn't think I had much to say, but that's a lot lol! As always thank you for listening to me and letting me share my stuff with you, I really appreciate you being here with me :)

p.s. I want a cow:

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