Thursday, 14 June 2018

How Law of Attraction Can Help You Predict the Future

A friend of mine is so good at what I'm talking about today, and it astounds and intrigues me.

This friend seems, with total ease, to attract to them what they want.

Like a powerful, secret and elusive magic she weaves her dreams into reality and I am in awe every time. She manifests stuff, situations, people to her with awe inspiring ease. How? Magic.

Seriously. It's happened so many times throughout the years I've known her, that I realised a long time ago: this cannot be a fluke. Now, don't get me wrong, she works super hard (like seriously I'm exhausted watching her) but, there is no denying, through the years I've been witnessing her working this 'magic', there is more to this than purely hard work.

Have you heard of the law of attraction?

In a nutshell the Law of Attraction goes like this: like an athlete before a big event, you visualise how you want things to go, what you want to happen and then, like magic, these things happen and you attract what you desire into your life. For the pole vaulter it would be to visualise jumping really high, a runner visualises winning the race or beating his/ her time, a singer visualises reaching all the notes perfectly. The idea is that what you visualise becomes real – is attracted to you.

In these scenarios the law of attraction is at work. Visualise, in a 'positive vibe' way, with sparkles and glitter and certainty, how it will feel to get what you want, experience in your body and mind how it will FEEL, the more you feel you have it, the more likely you will be to attract it to you. For this law to work you need to NOT fixate and spend too much time thinking about what you don't want, ie the runner wouldn't visualise or fixate on falling over or losing the race because that's not what he wants to happen (or attract). It's important to note that they do then need to go and do the work too.. ie practice their running/ singing/ craft.

Many people (knowingly and unknowingly) do this law of attraction thing regularly, with great results.

I'm sure there must be some pure magic in them that I didn't get when magic was being given out.

The Law of Attraction sounds easy on paper but I usually notice (ALOT and often) what I DON'T want and focusing on what you don't want is what you're not supposed to do.

I am totally desperate to be more healthy and to lose weight (mostly for health reasons, but also because I want to fit into clothes properly). I work pretty hard to try to do all the right things to get to my goal of feeling healthy. Despite all my hard work and determination, I am still over weight and most of my time is spent feeling ill/ unhealthy/ 'migrainy'/ in pain/ overweight/ 'insert bad feeling about myself here'. This means most of my thoughts and visualisations about myself are about how I am an unhealthy, fat, ugly, total waste of space person. I have the 'you are a total fat waste of space person' type of crippling thought AT LEAST four or five times a day. My body, clothes, mirror image, unmeaning looks from loved ones and even people I pass in the street (i.e. lady on the street that I don't know looks at me = she's totally thinking I'm a fat waste of space), these feed into and remind me often that I'm not healthy/ the right weight/ worthy etc.

So how do I visualise feeling and being healthy when my body (and mind) is constantly reminding me that, right now, in this moment here, I'm not.

I don't have any answers here but, remember that amazing magic friend I mentioned right at the beginning? Yep her, well here's some of the things I've noticed she does (not necessarily intentionally) to manifest her dreams (I'd like to mention here that I'm talking about how I see what's happening from my viewpoint - these are my speculations, not necessary my friends!):

  1. She totally believes she will get the thing she's visualising – she believes it so much in her head that it's like she already has it.
  2. She works super hard to get what she wants, she puts in a back breaking amount of willpower and effort to achieve her goals.
  3. She builds her dreams and desires into her artwork and her private art journals. This seems to create a 'stepping stone' between her desires not yet being real to them being real... it's almost like the story she builds with her art and the writing within her artwork help the goal/dream/desire to manifest and come into our 'real' world - as if the artwork is a window for the dream to step through. I'm not sure if she intentionally does this but I often see art work she creates that has later become real, in her life. Also she seems to create this work in a purely 'for the love of it' way - i.e. rather than thinking of the end goal, she's focusing on the process and the enjoyment of what she's creating in the moment.

I find point 3 above fascinating and am reminded of the question 'why did humans start to create art?'. Quoting Nathan Lents here:

'As fully modern Homo sapiens began making tools that were more and more sophisticated, we suddenly found ourselves with the ability to depict our memories using primitive painting implements. With our newfound cognitive abilities, our impressive memory-recall, and eventually tools, it is not at all surprising that the first art produced by our ancestors depicted the very subject that probably spawned all of our cognitive abilities in the first place: the hunt'.

What is a goal, if not a 'hunt'? Creating, working towards and achieving your goals can be likened to your 'hunt'; You using your brain to plan and prepare to make something happen - visualising and using your abstract thought to manifest what you want into your life. I truly think ART and creating art is the number one way to create a life you want :)

Nathan Lents (in this post here) goes on to say:

'The visual arts were probably right there with us along the way, helping to provide a means to express the complex thoughts that were beginning to materialise in our massive brains.'

"Preparation is half the job done"

Some other things that can help you and me on our journey to get what we desire:

 A gratitude list
Positive acceptance of where you currently are
Dream board
Meditation and self awareness
Inspiring quotes (this Pinterest board is a good one)



I'm being woken up at 3am by Summer (my toddler) lately, then I stay awake for ages unable to easily sleep again whilst she snores beside us, happy in the knowledge that she's safe and we are near (and she snores REALLY loudly – how is that possible she's so tiny?!). I very much understand the fact that when this stage of parenting a (mostly cute) toddler goes I will miss it, but at 3am I just wish this 'stage' and age would be over already. Then she wakes in the morning and asks for a 'booonana' and my heart melts into stupid gushy mumma shmooshness again – sigh :)

My Vegan Journey

I cannot currently call myself a vegan. I really like cheese at the moment and egg fried sandwiches. I am definitely vegetarian, the thought of eating flesh makes me feel sick, which I think is a migraine thing - the meat stuff makes me feel migrainy and sick. I LOVE the idea of being vegan but I'm still not sure health wise how I can maintain it. I am determined to keep trying and will keep you posted :)


My work wife Tam, got me onto a series by Karpov Kinrade (1st in series is called 'Vampire Girl') and I am hooked. I am also listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear' on audible, I highly recommend it for any creative people out there, it's awesome and I find her voice soothing and supportive.

Listening to

As part of Summer (my toddler)'s bedtime routine I put on this album and it's SO calming for both Summer and I and helps me and her transition into a calm bedtimeness. She still sings very loudly to herself before she passes out at night – which is NOT so calm, but I find that this album calms me and her and is a helpful reminder for our unconscious minds that bedtime routine has started and it's time to wind down. Also it sounds nice :) So much so that I'm sometimes listening to it during my down time even when Summer's not about. Ha! I'm parenting my child and my inner child :)


I'm in Netflix limbo at the moment, unable to commit to a show to watch. I flit between 'Grace and Frankie' and 'Episodes'.

The Shadow Hunters (oh my goodness Cassandra Clare you are a storytelling genius weaving angels and demons and magic!) and The Shannara Chronicles (fantasy lord of the rings type, elves and druid awesomeness!) have both finished for now and I NEED A SUPERNATURAL, ANGEL, VAMPIRE, OTHERWORLD fix!! If you know of any fantasy type shows I might enjoy please save me from sad Netflix limbo by letting me know in the comments below.


I am playing on larger canvases at the moment. Current obsession is big boats. This is a large work in progress which I’m slowly adding to whenever I get time - finding the slowness of it a big de-stressor:

I was also given a personal challenge from Tam (Tamara Laporte) to do a face a day earlier this year – I was frustrated that I couldn't do shading on faces at all well and Tam suggested I do a quick daily  painting, with limited supplies, to work specifically with shading on the face. I feel that I learnt and developed LOADS from doing that so will be challenging myself again in the future, any art challenges out there that you recommmend? Here's 4 of those:


Seems like yesterday I was dancing in the moonlight in the middle of a field. And now here I am. In the middle of the road with time ticking by.

I am my mothers dream.

I was my mother’s dream.

The seed of my grandmother swirling round and round.

Apples dropping from the tree. Fast like cannon bombs. (not long, not long).

Thank you for being here with me! I love to hear your thoughts and musings. Let me know your thoughts on the Law of Attraction, parenting, netflix and space mice below :)

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